In the products section, you will get acquainted with different types of mamra almonds based on the size of the kernel or the so-called almond ounce. Stay with us.

Join us to know the price of mamra almond in 2021. Every year and with the beginning of the almond harvesting season in the gardens of Saman and Ben counties, pricing of mamra almonds based on almond ounce or the same number of almond kernels per 100 grams is done.

How to price all kinds of mamra almond products

First we choose a comprehensive sample of the total load of almond kernels. Then we separate 100 grams of that kernel. We count the number of nuts in this 100 grams. The number of kernels per 100 grams is called almond ounce. No matter how many almond kernels there are in 100 grams, mamra almonds are called the same ounce. For example, if the number of almonds in 100 grams is 110, it is named 110 ounces.

Obviously, the lower the hot almond ounce, the larger and higher quality this almond is and the higher the price. And the more ounce it has, the finer the grains of almonds and the lower the price.

Thus, the price range of mamra almond kernels from fine-grained ounces (more than 150 almond kernels per 100 grams) to coarse-grained ounces (80 to 90 kernels per 100 grams) is determined from the lower price to the higher price.Of course, due to market fluctuations, the prices may also have small fluctuations.

Dear customers, you can contact our company’s sales experts to receive an up-to-date and accurate list of products and prices of almonds, especially mamra almonds in this year.

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